Muhammad, sinner and curser

Muhammad, sinner and curser.

Hatun and Daniel question Islamic tradition on how a sinner and a curser also be intercessor? Islamic tradition teaches a curser cannot be intercessor, yet Muhammad cursed..

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger as saying: It does not seem proper for Siddiq that he should be an invoker of curse. This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Abu Kuraib with the same chain of transmitters. Sahih Muslim 32:6280

Umm Darda’ reported on the authority of Abu Darda’ as saying: I heard Allah’s Messenger as saying: The invoker of curse would neither be witness nor intercessor on the Day of Resurrection. Sahih Muslim 32:6283

Abu Huraira reported it was said to Allah’s Messenger Invoke curse upon the polytheists, whereupon he said: I have not been sent as the invoker of curse, but “I have been sent as mercy.” Sahih Muslim 32:6284

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