Father Gives Life To Jesus; Is Jesus God?

John 5:26 (NKVJ) – For as the Father has life in Himself, so He has granted the Son to have life in Himself

Claim: The Father gives life to the Son, therefore Jesus cannot be God.

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1 thought on “Father Gives Life To Jesus; Is Jesus God?

  1. God (The Father) as u Christians say is Living aka has eternal life. He has ALWAYS LIVED and will NEVER DIE.
    He also creates and gives life. But if His creatures, Jesus pbuh included r CREATED AKA BROUGHT TO LIFE this proves they r NOT GOD because they rely on God to BRING THEM TO LIFE.

    So if Jesus pbuh was CREATED BY THE FATHER, common sense should tell u Jesus pbuh CANNOT BE GOD because he was CREATED.

    God CREATES but was NEVER CREATED. Simple.

    Jesus pbuh IS NOT GOD

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