Allah’s body parts on Judgement Day

Allah’s body parts on Judgement Day.

Hatun and Daniel discuss Allah’s….shin.

“(Remember) the Day when the Shin shall be laid bare (i.e. the Day of Resurrection) and they shall be called to prostrate (to Allah), but they (hypocrites) shall not be able to do so.” s68:42

Correction: Hatun says (around 40 min) Surah 76 will appear as bird, she should have said Surah 67…

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1 thought on “Allah’s body parts on Judgement Day

  1. Notice the chronology of the ‘crime’ :

    – at around 08: 55 Yahya fully confirmed that the definition of the arabic word ‘saqin’ in Quran is SHIN and there is no objection at all from him about whether the english translation is incorrect or not. Yahya agreed that the arabic word means SHIN and his only objection is the SHIN is not Allah’s but people’s shin.

    -at around 20:48, A bearded Wahhaby guy came and confirmed two things : a) he didn’t deny the arabic word in S68:42 is SHIN when being translated to english b) he confirmed that Allah has SHIN although he was explaining also according to Wahhabists theology that Allah’s Shin is incomparable and indescribable for any creature to comprehend.

    -at around 48:48 Yahya argued that DCCI team don’t know Arabicwell enough to identify arabic word ‘saqin’ as SHIN –> this statement is so childish and stupid since as we all notice in recording Yahya had already agreed the definition of the word is SHIN , moreover the Wahhaby bearded guy had also confirmed this ! Yahya also shows himself to be intentionally deceiving with his full conscience since he knows very well the meaning of the word saqin in S68:42, he and the Wahhaby bearded guy had agreed that meaning is SHIN . After this minute and on forward literally Mr.Yahya had turned himself from a debater into a CLOWN and i have to give credit to him in this part because the flow of discussion had turned from serious intellectual debate into comedical . Just look how those muslims with Yahya the clown leading in front were spouting silly comments such as , ‘ ‘saqin actually means driver'( so Allah is a taxi driver now?) , ‘don’t wanna trust Google translate , etc.

    Yahya’s attempt to deceive is also very poor since in this internet era we all can easily find the proper english translation of S68:42 from official legitimate islamic website. I can conclude that we find not only A CLOWN but also A SNAKE here.

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