9 thoughts on “Sheikh Uthman ibn Farooq Proves Quran is False

  1. Warsh quran, 7 different Hafs qurans, qaloon quran, al-doori quran, Khalaf quran, Khallad Quran, Ibn Zkwaan Quran, Jamas Quran, Qunbul Quran, Ibn Kathir quran etc etc = ONE quran

  2. It is well known that Quran does not provide all the fine details that correlate with the commands given. Absence of a positive does not produce a negative so the person making this assertion is being over simplistic for well educated people to follow ! The position of the Hadith in providing detailed guidance complimenting Quran is very well documented. No need to look for errors or you will miss the bigger picture !

    1. That is just more confirmation bias in a futile attempt to dismiss a glaring contradiction in and self-defined failure of the Koran. Any objective observer can easily see the Koran is neither clear nor detailed, therefore it is self-contradictory on those counts (among many), therefore it is not perfect, therefore it is not the eternal word from a perfect god, therefore it is not true. There’s no way out of this, save confirmation bias/double-think.

      1. No. The Quran itself asserts that it has some verses that are absolute, and others that are purposefully ambiguous. If you were a true “objective reader”, Maybe that verse would mean something to you. The Quran and Hadith go hand in hand and the Hadith explains any ambiguity there (intentionally) is in the holy book. I invite you to read with an open heart. May Allah guide you

  3. Good day,
    Please how can I get in contact with Uthman ibn Farooq? Have watched so many of his videos talking about Christianity and Bible and some other Muslim scholars and I noticed either they don’t know what they are talking about or they are lying. For example Jesus spoke about Mohamed in the book of John which is a big lie. There is only one way to God and is trough our Saviour Jesus .Please if you know how I can get in touch with me let me know I like to debate with him and proof he doesn’t know what he talks about and He is only Muslim because he was born a Muslim not really because He understands it

    1. first of all sheikh Farooq is not born muslim, he was raised christian, then Allah guided him to the righteous path and choose islam as a way of life.
      secondly the idea of salvation through christ is understandable yet is debatable.
      sheikh Farooq is easy to find if you do the proper research.
      thank you and may the mercy, the blessings ang guidance of god be upon us all.

  4. Just because it’s “[…a detailed explanation of everything…]” it doesn’t necessarily follow that it is all-encompassing. I see no contradiction here.

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