What is Ramadan actually about?

What is Ramadan actually about?

Godwin discusses what Ramadan is really about with a Muslim – killing, feasting and cursing (according to Islamic sources.)

Bukhari 4276

The Prophet left Medina (for Mecca) in the company of ten-thousand (Muslim warriors) in (the month of) Ramadan, and that was eight and a half years after his migration to Medina. He and the Muslims who were with him, proceeded on their way to Mecca. He was fasting and they were fasting, but when they reached a place called Al-Kadid which was a place of water between ‘Usfan and Kudaid, he broke his fast and so did they. (Az-Zuhri said, “One should take the last action of Allah’s Messenger and leave his early action (while taking a verdict.”)

“I never saw the people in Ramadan, but that they were cursing the disbelievers”..Al Muwatta Hadith 6.6

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