No-one wants to talk about Ishmael.

No-one wants to talk about Ishmael.

DCCI team is feeling lonely because no one from the Speaker’s Corner Da’wah team wants to provide any evidence that Muhammad is from the line of Ishmael. Is that because Muhammad didn’t think so either?

“Long before Ibn Ishak, Muslims who lived in Mohammed’s own time also fabricated genealogies in an attempt to connect Mohammed to the descendants of Ishmael. Mohammed himself rejected all of those false genealogies and he put limits regarding the genealogy of his ancestors. Amru bin al-As wrote:’Mohammed genealogized himself regarding his ancestors until he reached al-Nather bin Kinaneh, then he said ‘anyone who claimed otherwise or added further ancestors, has lied.'” (Dr Rafat Amari)

With thanks to Sam Shamoun.

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1 thought on “No-one wants to talk about Ishmael.

  1. Is this another fabricated narrative alleging a connection between Jesus and Mohammed? Is Mohammed claiming to be a Jew?
    Abu Hurairah said : I heard the Messenger of Allah (May peace be upon him) say : I am the nearest of kin among the people to (Jesus) son of Mary. The Prophet are brothers, sons of one father by co-wives. There is no Prophet between me and him. Sunan Abi Dawud 4675, Book 42, Hadith 80. English Translation Book 41, Hadith 4658

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