2 thoughts on “Hate speech in the Qur’an?

  1. Thank u I don’t visit speakers corner much now as I did when I was with Jay , I started coming to speakers with jay in 2002 & I learnt a lot from him, he will always be my friend. I now do outreach In Kingston and Wimbledon with London full gospel church and I use what he taught me to evangelise and speak with Muslims. U are all doing a wonderful job and u are continuing from when we used to be at speakers at all weathers. God bless u all . Ken

  2. Why would Allah turn someone into an ape or pig for not observing the Sabeth? Why not turn them into apes or pigs for not attending Friday prayers or failing to observe praying five times a day? This seems to be another example of the Qur’an borrowing fables from oher cultures.

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