Cartoons and the ‘Protected Group’! Batley Grammar School; Charlie Hebdo

Freedom of speech is a right in western cultures that has collided violently with Islam. This freedom means that people can say whatever they want without fear of being physically threatened by fellow citizens or penalised by the government as long as it does not threaten or slander innocent people.

Here, Hatun contrasts some examples of public speech that did not result in extreme outrage or violence with other examples of speech that resulted in extreme outrage or violence.

The bottom line question is: Can Islam coexist peacefully with the Western notion of free speech?

1 thought on “Cartoons and the ‘Protected Group’! Batley Grammar School; Charlie Hebdo

  1. The “Religion of peace” kills people that draw a cartoon of their peado profit . ……………….. “unbelievers are the lowest of creatures , kill them whenever and wherever you find them”

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