2 thoughts on “Why I Left Islam with Sandra Solomon

  1. Basing ur concept of Islam off of what Sandra Solomon says, completely lacks credibility.

    Sandra Solomon is a liar and a avowed hate-preacher against Islam. But people believe her words r true because she is an Arab?

    She told a bold face lie to a Christian man on film that Muslim men consider women “filthy” and this is why men have to clean themselves if they “touch” women.

    The true teaching of cleansing ourselves as men is if we have SEXUAL CONTACT with women. Then we must cleanse ourselves with a full body washing (ghusl) before we r able to make Salat. Vice versa for women having sexual contact with men must follow the same procedure.

    Also women may not be contacted sexually while on their menstrual cycles. This is a cleansing period of their bodies and sexual contact is forbidden at this time.

    So this is when CONTACT cannot be made. But touching a woman to hug or kiss a loved one, or other physical contact is not the contact that is spoken of here.

    Sandra Solomon as an Arab who claims to be an Ex-Muslim should know this but wants to put out a false view to give Islam a bad name n the eyes of her fellow Christians.

    Sandra Solomon is a joke

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