13 thoughts on “Speakers’ Corner: How Islam practices its freedom of speech

  1. I’m so sorry to say that she does not qualify for speaker corners because her English is VERY WEAK, also have a FUNNY accent.
    She is 40+ years old yet until now she wasn’t able to sale her Virgina to anyone. Because no one buying Her Filthy pussy. Just look at her, she probably didn’t take Shower For month. Mouth Diarrhea.

  2. Allah is not Like Your So-called Jesus God.
    Your Jesus God so Crushes On His Human That Jesus God had no choice but have to Come out from Women’s Virgina.

  3. I stand behind you sister Hatun . No one can stop our Lord from His work.
    For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. we can clearly see from Muslim’s and their prophets speech that their heart is full of wickedness and depravity.

  4. Thank you for your faithfulness in serving the God of love Hatun. As mo said ”Jesus is love and freedom” – a stark contrast to ”islam’s hate and control.” May God bless , encourage and protect you.

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