Sharia takes over my home :(

9 November 2020

Hatun discusses the hate directed at her from Muslims, the numerous attempts by police to dissuade her from going to Speakers’ Corner and her having to go into hiding to protect both herself and her loved ones.

3 thoughts on “Sharia takes over my home :(

  1. Dear Hatun, greetings in the name of Jesus I am from Melbourne and watch your engagements with Muslims at Speakers Corner. I always pray for you . My only kind request to you is do not show any cartoons or holed Quran books. It will make them angry and your message will not be received. please be wise and prudent. You may challenge them on every Quranic verse, but not show cartoons.
    May God bless you always. My prayers are with you

    1. I agree with you Augustine, insulting their prophet and book only makes them more inclined to defend their ‘honour ‘ and less inclined to take the gospel message seriously.

  2. Dear Hatun,
    Your boldness reminds me of the Apostles Peter and Paul as they shared the truth of the gospel to audiences unwilling to listen and who responded by jailing them. Christians today,( in the UK) are mostly weak and not prepared to suffer for the cause of Christ. May God strengthen and sustain you dear sister as you uphold the truth of the gospel and expose the lies of islam. Know that you are much prayer for. Do not change your God given calling.

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