Shia Muslim gets upset with Sunni sources

Shia Muslim gets upset with Sunni sources

Shia Muslim gets annoyed with Hatun for using Sunni traditions he disagrees with. Just the fact of the on-going 1400 year old disagreement with Sunnis and Shia just exposes the problems with Islam even further.

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1 thought on “Shia Muslim gets upset with Sunni sources

  1. As long as both groups are killing infidels or kafirs, both want Sharia and they both go on the Hajj together, I see no major difference between Sunni and Shiite. Maybe there should have been a show of hands to determine which group was most likely to go to Hell. I felt sorry for the poor guy in the gray sweat shirt and blue pants. He almost went to sleep while standing close to the argument. I hope he finally found someone to answer his question.

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