One by one Muslims walk away

One by one, Muslims walk away

Hatun confronts Muslims with the differences between the Hafs and the Khalaf Qur’an on Sura 4:43. Hafs has ‘laamastum‘ which means touch in a sexual sense; Khalaf has ‘lamastum‘ which means touch in a non-sexual sense. So in order to pray, what kind of washing does the man need to do after which kind of touching? And why is there this kind of discrepancy in the perfect, pristine, unchanged Word of Allah? Muslims have no answer.

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  1. Over the years, the Bible picked up a lot of added versus and additions by scribes. Sometimes it was the Catholic Church trying to reinforce man-made dogma that was not supported by the current text. Older versions discovered recently of the New Testament, though fragmental, have shown that these things are added but when you try and subtract them there is massive resistance. Read James Whites book on the “King James Controversy” to verify this. Some of the reason the Bible message is stable comes from the fact that it was written in Greek and Hebrew with later Latin translations. I sometimes suspect that Muslims have to be strident about the purity of their text is that it was written in a young and evolving language. Allah should have known better. It is harder to change Latin and Greek since they are dead languages. Considering the history of the Qur’an and the Hadith, it would be hard to take the position that the text was unchanged and the same as the day it was sent down. According to the Hadith, Mohammed and Gabriel got together every year to change the Qur’an, except Muhammed’s last year. So what is all of this fuss over a few changes?
    Narrated `Aisha:
    Once Fatima came walking and her gait resembled the gait of the Prophet (?) . The Prophet (?) said, “Welcome, O my daughter!” Then he made her sit on his right or on his left side, and then he told her a secret and she started weeping. I asked her, “Why are you weeping?” He again told her a secret and she started laughing. I said, “I never saw happiness so near to sadness as I saw today.” I asked her what the Prophet (?) had told her. She said, “I would never disclose the secret of Allah’s Messenger (?).” When the Prophet (?) died, I asked her about it. She replied. “The Prophet (?) said: ‘Every year Gabriel used to revise the Qur’an with me once only, but this year he has done so twice. I think this portends my death, and you will be the first of my family to follow me.’ So I started weeping. Then he said. ‘Don’t you like to be the chief of all the ladies of Paradise or the chief of the believing women? So I laughed for that.”
    Reference  : Sahih al-Bukhari 3623, 3624
    In-book reference  : Book 61, Hadith 129
    USC-MSA web (English) reference  : Vol. 4, Book 56, Hadith 819
    changed Qur’an?

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