More Qur’ans, more differences

More Qur’ans, more differences.

Hatun and Lizzie look at two different arabic Qur’ans. The Sho’bah Ibn Ayyassh Qur’an which has 504 differences from the Hafs Qur’an, and the Khalaf Al Aasjer Qur’an which has 2,629 differences from the Hafs Qur’an. Different letters, different words, different sounds, different pronunciation, different meanings…

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1 thought on “More Qur’ans, more differences

  1. PLEASE make a book about this matter and co-author it with brother Jay Smith , especially list all the differences between the Qiraats and after finishing it please distribute this to people in muslim majority countries . I think making a book about this matter is quite IMPORTANT because although i respect you guyz for confronting the muslims and i know you guyz have sincere good intention within your heart however speaking this ‘precious material’ on Speaker’s Corner is like throwing precious jewel unto the pig , and coz of that it would be more helpful if you and brother compile a book about the differences and contradictions between various Quranic readings.

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