1 thought on “Speakers’ Corner: Different Qurans; Allah Prays

  1. To PRAY to someone means u humble urself of lower status than the being u r praying to. Allah is God, THE MOST HIGH so there is NONE above Him n status for Him to pray to hence His attribute THE MOST HIGH which is proof Allah DOES NOT PRAY to anyone.
    The word SALLA when used as an action of God means BLESSING(S) which He places upon His creatures.

    U DCCI preachers try to use the argument that the word SALLA n Arabic means PRAY when used for God’s action because it means PRAY when used for man. So why not apply this theory to ur Christian Bible? John 3:16 “God so loved the world He gave His only BEGOTTEN SON…..” The word BEGOTTEN comes up multiple times n the Bible. When used for man’s action it means TO SEXUALLY SIRE OFFSPRING. So using ur own argument u DCCI Christians r admitting that ur Bible says God SEXUALLY SIRED Jesus pbuh as His BEGOTTEN SON right?

    But of course u won’t admit that. U say BEGOTTEN has a different meaning when used as an action of God than it does as an action of man.

    So why the hypocrisy? Why can’t this be the case with the Arabic word SALLA n the Qur’an?

    To prove u don’t know what ur talking about I give u this:

    When we mention the Prophet Muhammad’s name we say PBUH n English which means (Peace and BLESSINGS of God be upon him). N Arabic it is said “SALLA Allahu alaihi wa salaam” which translates to BLESSINGS of God be upon him and His peace. So u see the word SALLA used here as an action of God means BLESSING not PRAYER.

    Ur argument has been destroyed and ur u have been exposed of ur hypocrisy. The truth is God Allah does NOT PRAY TO ANYONE as I have just clearly explained to u. So stop the lies and the hatred towards Islam because everytime u dig urselves into a deeper hole.

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