More different Arabic Qur’an’s, more problems

More different Arabic Qur’ans, more problems.

A few months back we were challenged to show 3 differences in the Arabic between the Warsh Qur’ans. Here are 6 for starters: Sura 2:261, 2:24, 9:44, 2:66, 2:263 and Sura 27. Waiting for your response, Muslim friends…

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1 thought on “More different Arabic Qur’an’s, more problems

  1. Hi DCCI,

    the christian missionary team in the video read the word ‘sadaQatin’ as ‘sadaFatin’ which is incorrect. All of the Warsh Masahif read ‘sadaQatin’. The word ‘sadaFatin’ doesn’t appear anywhere in the Warsh Masahif. They’re misreading the text. This shows their lack of research. So please try to correct the mistake.

    Kind Regards,

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