2 thoughts on “Who is the Hearer of Allah’s prayer?

  1. Since there seems to be a problem with the translation of the Qur’an from Arabic to English, should the original Arabic be changed so that the English versions don’t have this “mistake” in them or should only the English versions be changed to correct the “wrong” interpretation of the Arabic? Also I would like to know if this problem with the translation happens in the other languages into which the Qur’an has been converted? It would really be interesting to see the translation of the early Qur’an into Persian or Farci. Why doesn’t Allah just change it and make us all forget about this problem?

  2. If Christians keep stubbornly ask the same question over and over, like parrots, they are uneducated childish folks, it is not their ears that were shut, but hearts.
    On Sallu, Allah says to Moses, “Tell them”, but if Christian apologists insist on refusing to hear what we “tell them” as the answer, which is “My Mercy should precede My Anger”, so it is not their ears that were shut, but hearts.
    The same old question has been once asked by the Jews, and Allah has answered it via Moses. Sallu of Allah is different and incomparable to any creation’s Sallu. Allah’s Sallu is not a praying, it is a “statement” of Mercy, not as act of imploring to.
    Ibn Asakir, Ahadith Al-Qudsiyyah, Hadith 216:
    The Israelites said to Musa: Does your Lord do salli? Musa said: Fear Allah, O sons of Israel. Allah said: O Musa, What did your people say? Musa said: O my Lord, You already know, they said: Does your Lord do salli? Allah said: Tell them My salli for My servants is that My Mercy should precede My Anger. If it were not so, I would have destroyed them.

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