The Wandering Quinn; 10 Misconceptions About Islam :)

18 November 2020 – Livestream with Daughter of Christ

Hatun discusses a video by a recent convert to Islam who calls herself “The Wandering Quinn”. Daughter of Christ adds her insights as well.

The Wandering Quinn, a UK-based travel blogger and tour organiser, converted to Islam two months before making this video. She took it upon herself to explain ten common misconceptions about Islam in an attempt to defend it.

2 thoughts on “The Wandering Quinn; 10 Misconceptions About Islam :)

  1. Shalom,
    I’ve watched the video about the Wandering Quinn and that really help me to learn how islam is. I have found another video on YouTube and maybe you would like to respond it as well since this is so heartbreaking to see so many people now believe that Islam is the truth. Link below

    Thank you and God bless your ministry

  2. The only way islam survives and grows is by lies and birth rate. If muslims were allowed to think and question then islam would die within a decade. They have to deceive to promote it . Muslims wake up, islam is control, Jesus is freedom.

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