Open Skype: Slapping the Angel of Death

00:00:00​ Worship song
00:04:35​ Intro; issue with moderators
00:16:45​ Moses and slapping the angel of death
00:25:44​ Moses and naked bath, running stones
00:33:19​ Abbas, a Muslim, calls in without Suyuti reference
00:45:49​ Stephanie calls in (sound cuts off) re: a hadith of Moses
00: 58:07​ Viking lady calls in – stone in Jerusalem?
01:10:20​ Stephen – a Christian calls in, discussion on s91
01:19:26​ Adams calls in – what is the good news of Islam?
01:45:17​ Ali, Muslim, calls in – l am not a scholar – Qur’an is irrelevant
02:18:12​ H, Muslim lady, calls in to explain adult breast suckling hadith
02:34:06​ Conversation with an ex-Muslim

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