Why do Muslims treat Muhammad like Allah?

Why do Muslims treat Muhammad like Allah?

Why is Muhammad to be obeyed like Allah?

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever obeys me, obeys Allah, And whoever disobeys me, disobeys Allah. Whoever obeys the ruler, obeys me, and whoever disobeys the ruler, disobeys me.” Sunan Ibn Majah Vol. 4, Book 24, Hadith 2859

Why do they need to seek forgiveness from Muhammad as well as Allah?

We sent no messenger save that he should be obeyed by Allah’s leave. And if, when they had wronged themselves, they had but come unto thee and asked forgiveness of Allah, and asked forgiveness of the messenger, they would have found Allah Forgiving, Merciful. But nay, by thy Lord, they will not believe (in truth) until they make thee judge of what is in dispute between them and find within themselves no dislike of that which thou decidest, and submit with full submission. S. 4:64-65 Pickthall Why do they pray peace on him? Like -at the very least -an angelic being? `Abdullah said, “Whenever we prayed behind the Prophet  we used to recite (in sitting) ‘Peace be on Gabriel, Michael, peace be on so and so. Once Allah’s Messenger looked back at us and said, ‘Allah Himself is As-Salam (Peace), and if anyone of you prays then he should say, at-Tahiyatu li l-lahi wa ssalawatu wa t-taiyibat. As-salamu `alalika aiyuha n-Nabiyu wa rahmatu l-lahi wa barakatuh. Assalamu `alaina wa `ala `ibadi l-lahi s-salihin. (All the compliments, prayers and good things are due to Allah; peace be on you, O Prophet, and Allah’s mercy and blessings [be on you]. Peace be on us an on the pious subjects of Allah). (If you say that, it will reach all the subjects in the heaven and the earth). Ash-hadu al-la ilaha illa l-lah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan `Abduhu wa Rasuluh. (I testify that there is no Deity [worthy of worship] but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is His slave and His Apostle).

Allah prays to Muhammad?

He it is Who sends blessings [Arabic salat – means prayers] on you, as do His angels, that He may bring you out from the depths of Darkness into Light: and He is Full of Mercy to the Believers. – 33:43 (Y. Ali)

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Spirit of Allah created or uncreated?

Spirit of Allah created or uncreated?

Who is ‘Our Spirit? For example in Sura 66:12:

And Mary the daughter of ‘Imran, who guarded her chastity; and We breathed into (her body) of Our spirit; and she testified to the truth of the words of her Lord and of His Revelations, and was one of the devout (servants). – 66:12 (Y. Ali)

She placed a screen (to screen herself) from them; then We sent her our angel [Arabic is Ruh – spirit] and he appeared before her as a man in all respects. – 19:17 (Y. Ali)

Is the Spirit of Allah part of Allah or created by Allah? If it is created by Allah it means it is shirk, as the Spirit is all knowing, all powerful and all present!

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Is the Qur’an another God in Islam?

Why does the Qur’an intercede for mankind on the day of resurrection?

Why does the Qur’an appear as a pale man on the day of resurrection?

These are the questions Hatun and Daniel asked at Speakers’ Corner on 18th Feb as they demonstrated to Muslims that the Qur’an is another god besides Allah. Thus, Allah and Muhammad to commit shirk which leads them to hell fire.

Can Allah be suffering from schizophrenia when he commands his believers to commit one of the worst possible sins in Islam – SHIRK?

Watch the video to find out!!!