3 thoughts on “Speakers’ Corner: Searching For Muhammad in the Bible; Cherry Picking Verses

  1. I thought the bible was “corrupted” so how can allahs word get corrupted so how can the peado be in a corrupted book?

  2. I will say this as I’m sure many other Muslims have told u as well.

    When God Allah gives the command n the Qur’an “to ask the People of the Book”
    He is referring to use the Qur’an as CONFIRMATION OF THE TRUE VERSES HE REVEALED to His messengers before Prophet Muhammad PBUT ALL.

    For example when He speaks n the Bible of God Allah BEING ONLY ONE. JESUS PBUH BEING BORN TO A VIRGIN WOMAN. The covenant of Prophet Abraham pbuh ONLY SON as the ancestor of the Prophet of God Allah to come. The mention of Prophet Moses and Aaron pbut and Pharaoh. The mention of Prophet Jonah pbuh and the whale. Prophet David pbuh slaying Goliath. The list goes on and on. There is much truth within the Bible, all revealed from God Almighty which is CONFIRMED AS TRUE N THE QUR’AN. These confirmations r what God commanded to ask the People of the Book about.

    Now of course when God Allah refers to asking the People of the Book about the truth within it and uses the Qur’an to CONFIRM it, He is not speaking of THE ENTIRE BIBLE. He never uses Arabic words such as “kullun” or “jami’a” meaning ALL OF THE SCRIPTURE, because just as there is much TRUTH within the Bible there is also much MAN-MADE FALSEHOOD within the Bible which is described n Jeremiah 8:8 where it says:

    “How can you say we are wise and have the law of The Lord WHEN THE LYING PENS OF THE SCRIBES HAVE FALSIFIED IT?”

    This is just one verse speaking of all of the man-made verses falsely claimed as word of God, which is what the Qur’an CORRECTS.

    So when Christians say “ur Qur’an says to accept the Bible and use it for verification of truth, God Allah never says refer to ALL OF THE BIBLE, because ur own Bible has man-made corruption within it which Jeremiah 8:8 speaks of.

    Just as when God Allah, n the Qur’an chastises or blesses The People of the Book, He doesn’t say ALL OF THEM because some of them believed as others disbelieved. Even then with God Allah’s Most-Merciful Being, He may even have given the disbelievers blessings and/or lack of punishment as He willed.

    So bottom line. God Allah does not use the WORDS “ALL OF THE BIBLE” when commanding what to refer to as TRUTH. He is ONLY speaking of THE TRUE REVELATIONS which He revealed to His messengers of old pbut all, and not the man-made entries within the Bible falsely claimed to be revealed by God.

  3. To piggyback on my last comment. Just as God Allah says n the Qur’an 2:79

    “So woe to those WHO WRITE THE “SCRIPTURE” WITH THEIR OWN HANDS, then say, “This is from Allah ,” in order to exchange it for a small price. Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn.

    Sounds a lot like CONFIRMATION of what Jeremiah 8:8 says n the Bible

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