Speakers’ Corner: Muslim Refuses To Read the Word of Allah

Speakers’ Corner Muslim Yahya admits that he cannot read Allah’s original Quran without dots. He cannot answer which Quran is with Allah on the tablets.

He says that the Hafs Quran, which Muslims have today, is the correct one. However, he has no proof that the Hafs Quran was ever approved by Muhammad.

He claims that the differences between the Qurans are because of the dots added later on by Muslims, who corrupted the word of Allah when they put the dots incorrectly.

He cannot read the text without dots and so is unable to confirm which Quran (with which dots) is the correct one.

1 thought on “Speakers’ Corner: Muslim Refuses To Read the Word of Allah

  1. islam has a big problem, it says that there is only one quran – the problem is that there is proof that ther are at least 37 DIFFERENT qurans and not the muslims have to admit that they are lying – the qurans that they have today are not the same as momos one.

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