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  1. I assume this video was taken down because it put the Prophet in a bad light. This is my list of who is in Hell:
    1. the weak and those who can not avoid evil
    2.The care free who fail to discriminate between good and evil
    3. Those who shun or don’t value family relationships
    4. dishonest people who can not disguise their greed
    5. Those who betray with regard to family or property
    6. Misers liars slanderers and those who use forbidden language
    Sahih Muslim 2865a
    7. A man who has anal sex with his wife Sunan Ibn Majah Hadith 1923 & 1924
    Whoever kills a person promised protection(paying the Jyzia)
    8. Mischief Makers
    9. Back Biters
    10. One who severs the ties of kinship (possible repeat of #3)
    11. Owners of Red Camels
    12. Tyrants and the proud
    13. Men who pass judgement in ignorance
    14. 71 Christian Sects out of 72 ( I assume the 71 sects believe in the Trinity)
    15. the prideful
    16. Any ruler of Muslims who is at the same time deceiving them
    17. Swindler or stingy person
    18. people who dye their hair black
    19. People who keep reminding other people of the favors that they bestowed on them
    20. People who are disobedient to their parents
    21 Tax collectors who collect too much extra tax
    22. Those engaged in usury
    23. The woman who asks for an unnecessary divorce Sunan Ibn Majah 2054 & 2055
    24. Whoever tries to avoid giving a Muslim an inheritance.
    25. Whoever forgets to send peace and blessing to the Prophet(PBUH)
    26. He who acquires religious knowledge to secure worldly comforts
    27. People who falsely claim paternity
    28. He who seizes a Muslims wealth by swearing a false oath
    29. Anyone who tells a lie against Muhammed Sahih al-Bukhari 106
    30. He who ends his life with an evil deed. This does not have to mean suicide.
    31. A thief with a crooked stick( a person stealing from people on hajj.)
    32. A woman who mistreated a cat.
    33. Anyone who kills their children
    34. Four out of twelve hypocrites Sahih Muslim 2779a
    35. The majority of Hell are women Sahih Al-Bukhari 3241
    36. 999 out of 1000 will enter Hell Sahih Al-Bukhari 6529
    37. A person who mistreats a slave
    38. A Qattat ( I think that means a drug user but can not prove it)
    39. The alcoholic
    40. The Jazari ( I tried to google this and failed to get a believable definition) Just don’t be one.

    I am stopping at forty groups because it mirrors the idea that there are forty good deeds that can take one to Paradise, which is promoted by Muhammed. I should have included an unknown number of People of the Book who will be going to Hell instead of a much more deserving Muslim but this is a fuzzy area because Muslims are suppose to get an inheritance from Hell made up of Jews and Christians. I assume they are mostly women to be the wives of Jihadis. But this makes no sense since the majority in Paradise would then be women.

    It is too bad this video was taken down. I could use some training in this area because of all of the logical contradictions. The Hadith clearly discourages gossip but I saw a hadith that claimed that Aisha never saw Muhammed’s private parts. Was she blind or exaggerating her modesty? (Sunan Ibn Majah 1922) Don’t worry. Blind people go to Paradise according to Tirmidhi #34. A lot of souls are counting on Muhammed to pull them into Paradise. It looked like Muhammed left his wives in a bad financial situation when he died. None of them remarried so I guess Uthman got the job of keeping them in fed and clothed. This seems to me a way of beating the girls out of what they should have inherited. I have some doubts that Muhammed could trace his ancestors back to Abraham. But if Alexander the Great fits in there, then why not?

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