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  1. Regarding Isaiah 42 , why don’t use Muslim’s own source to debunk them instead ?

    1. Isaiah 42 verse 1a-b, Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight; I WILL PUT MY SPIRIT ON HIM

    Although arguably there are several verses in quran about man for being supported by Spirit of Allah however ONLY Jesus which quran specifically called by name as a man that was being supported and even identified as the SPIRIT FROM HIM . (Q4:171).. the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, is only a messenger of God and His Word which He bestowed on Mary and A SPIRIT FROM HIM…

    2. Isaiah 42 verse 1c, and He will bring JUSTICE to NATIONS
    Isaiah 42 verse 4, he will not falter or be discouraged till HE ESTABLISHES JUSTICE ON EARTH.

    Muslims like to claim that Muhammad brought God’s law to the world however if we dissect carefully this claim the truth is IN HIS LIFETIME Muhammad only influenced just A SMALL REGION of Arabian Peninsula , not to mention there are no statement from Quran nor Hadiths about Muhammad for ESTABLISHING law to the WHOLE WORLD , even if Muslims like to claim that the main point is Muhammad had brought Shariah Law ‘the supposedly law of God ‘to the world however the fact is until this day the WHOLE world has not been under Law of God.

    On the other hand Sahih Bukhari in fact clearly stated from Muhammad’s own mouth that it is Jesus who will BRING JUSTICE TO NATIONS and ESTABLISHING it to the NATIONS / WHOLE WORLD.

    Hadith Sahih Bukhari 4:657
    Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, surely (Jesus,) the son of Mary will soon descend amongst you and will JUDGE MANKIND justly (AS A JUST RULER); he will break the Cross and kill the pigs and there will be no Jizya (i.e. taxation taken from non Muslims). Money will be in abundance so that nobody will accept it, and a single prostration to Allah (in prayer) will be better than the whole world and whatever is in it.” Abu Huraira added “If you wish, you can recite (this verse of the Holy Book): — ‘And there is none Of the people of the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) But must believe in him (i.e Jesus as an Apostle of Allah and a human being) Before his death. And on the Day of Judgment He will be a witness Against them.” (4.159) (See Fateh Al Bari, Page 302 Vol 7)

    From here we can see that according to Muhammad himself , Jesus will descend in the last day as JUDGE who will RULE as JUST RULER TOWARD ALL MANKIND THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE WORLD , so again if we compare Jesus and Muhammad based on Muslims’s own source ;

    – Muhammad has NEVER LITERALLY ESTABLISHED law of God toward mankind and will NOT EVER BE, while Jesus will LITERALLY ESTABLISH law of God toward ALL mankind by becoming A WORLD RULER & JUDGE.

    so contrary to his ‘modern’ followers’s claim Muhammad himself clearly tends to support the notion that Isaiah 42 (particularly based from Isaiah 42:4) is more suitable to be fulfilled by Jesus .

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