Ejection of Christians from Speakers Corner – Political Policing?

Speakers Corner, London: 1 November 2020

Many Christians were asked to leave Speakers’ Corner on Sunday. This video is only one of the justifications, yet on social media we saw video clips of police protection of a certain group as they recently protested in front of the French embassy in London and illegally prayed in a Royal Park.

1 thought on “Ejection of Christians from Speakers Corner – Political Policing?

  1. First of all a shout out to Kay… a beautiful soul. My perspective as viewed from a distance greater than in fact the mythical Islamic heaven and being down-under may further one’s imagination. However, I believe the police did a poor job at both situations. I believe, to be fair, at the French Embassy they did bring about some fines or arrests. The police at Hyde park should have been been left, or at the very least under the control, with the local unit there who are experienced and have a a good repour with the Park’s Speakers. I was warmed by the tall, fair-go cop, standing behind Hatun, as though providing protection of her, during the crowd tight squeeze.

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