Did Jacob Wrestle With God? Muslims Disagree With Their Quran

Islamic dawah team denies that Jacob could wrestle with God and prevail, but they don’t realise that it goes against the Quran.

We prove that the Quran gives a nod of confirmation to the story of Jacob’s wrestling with God. We look at the identity of the angel of the Lord who wrestled with Jacob and blessed him, giving examples from Hosea and 1 Kings 19.

Source videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0NHpsrv-BM, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah4CDUCUlvw

Biblical accounts: Genesis 32:24-30, Hosea 12:4, 1 Kings 19
Quranic verses: Surah 3:93, Surah 19:58

Many thanks to our brother Jai for his help with the Hebrew.

1 thought on “Did Jacob Wrestle With God? Muslims Disagree With Their Quran

  1. which quran do they disagree with – Warsh quran, 7 different Hafs qurans, qaaluun quran, al-doori quran, Khalaf quran, Khallad Quran, Ibn Zkwaan Quran, Dori quran, Jamas Quran, Qunbul Quran, Ibn Kathir quran . Muslims stop believing the lies of islam and come to freedom in 2021 – come to the risen Jesus

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