Allah’s Unjust Judgement

Christian scripture teaches that the God-man Jesus died on the cross for sinful mankind. Muslims object that it is not fair as none can take the sin of others.

On 11 February at Speakers Corner, Hatun and Godwin show how Islamic tradition disagrees with Muslims.

1 thought on “Allah’s Unjust Judgement

  1. According to Sahih Al-Bukhari, 6529:… 999/1000 are going to Hell. It seems like the rest of the Hadith is dedicated to whittling down these slim odds of going to Paradise by good deeds and sometimes random acts that someone else does like your parents. For instance if you have two or three sisters or daughters you might be qualified to go to Paradise. If they die, so much the better, you are still qualified. Mohammed seemed to spend most of his time figuring out how to make the narrow road to Paradise a wider road by including his friends, children, wives and Companions by name. He then moved on to a group of 70,000 who would enter with no reckoning for their good or bad deeds. If you can get three rows of Muslims to pray over you at your funeral, you get a Get-out-of-Hell card. Adopt and orphan and you go to Paradise. A dead fetus can pull its mother into paradise by its umbilical chord. The woman who does not annoy her husband can go to Paradise as long as she is a believer and prays. Even the hypocrites can get into Paradise if you are the lucky 4 out of 12. The majority of people in Paradise are poor and I guess that includes poor people who are poor by virtue of their poor decisions? Only Allah knows.

    An elaborate accounting scheme for good deeds is invented so that just intending to do a good dead is equal to a good deed and actually doing a good dead can turn into anywhere from ten to 700 good deeds. Any business operating a bank or other financial institution like this would be shut down and the principals would be jailed for fraud. Then after setting up this strange accounting system you find that good deeds do not insure Paradise. (Sahih Al-Bukhari 6464 & 5673) Pretty soon, the Christian will see this as an attempt to make the narrow road to Heaven into the wide road to Paradise which is a questionable Paradise. Our modern world allows people to have almost anything they want in terms of being comfortable and entertainment. Yet, drug use and dissatisfaction with life is leading to suicide and other chaos. The idea that Paradise should be a place where your wants should be satisfied to an even higher level fails to appreciate that our wants are what is causing the current Hell on Earth. The carnal nature of Muslim Paradise should be a red flag for even a Buddhist, let alone a Christian.

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