2 thoughts on “Yasir Qadhi Meltdown – To My Muslim Brothers; Hurt Feelings; False Copyright Claim

  1. Why do I get the feeling that he protests too much? If Yasir Qadhi were truly interested in the views of others, why remove videos from his website because they are causing too much embarrasment? Why not simply engage with the issues? Maybe a formal debate of some kind might be in order? The holes are in the narrative and no Muslim can plug them. To complain about hurt feelings is fine at one level – this is a tough old world and we all deserve a break at one time or another, but on another level, it just does not wash. In the original interview with Muhammed Hijab (how is he nowadays, I wonder?) he could have given a straight answer to a straight question. He didn’t and this is the result…….not that some of us are complaining 🙂

  2. TOP Muslim scholar Yasir Qadhi ADMITTING what Christians have been saying for years – that the qurans you have “have holes in them” & “pages missing”. Warsh quranS, SEVEN different Hafs quranS, qaaluun quranS, al-doori quranS, Khalaf quranS, Khallad QuranS, Ibn Zkwaan QuranS, Dori quranS, Ibn Jamas QuranS , Qunbul QuranS, Ibn Kathir quranS

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