Who is Allah praying to?

Who is Allah praying to?

Daniel asks Muslims who Allah is praying to?

“Allah sends his ‘salat‘ (lit.’yusalluna’ -prayers) on the Prophet and also HIs angels. O you who believe! Send your ‘salat‘ on him (Muhammad) and greet him with the Islamic greeting.” (Hilali/Khan.)

The people of Israel said to Moses: “Does your Lord pray?” His Lord called him [saying]: “O Moses, they asked you if your Lord prays. Say [to them] ‘Yes, I do pray, and my angels [pray] upon my prophets and my messengers,’” and Allah then sent down on his messenger: “Allah and His angels pray…” (Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Q. 33:56; translated from the Arabic online edition; bold emphasis ours)

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