2 thoughts on “Speakers’ Corner: Different Arabic Qurans; No More Denial; Holes in the Narrative

  1. Muslims wake up- TOP Muslim scholar Yasir Qadhi ADMITTING what Christians have been saying for years – that the qurans you have “have holes in them” & “pages missing”.
    Adnan Rashid admits that the qurans have pages missing .
    Adnan Rashid says that the quran was revealed in 17,000 verses.
    Warsh quranS, 7 different Hafs quranS, qaloonie quranS, al-duri quranS, Khalaf qurans etc etc = ONE quran
    Muslims, Leave the control by fear, the hate & the perversion & come to the freedom & salvation that the Risen Jesus is offering you. Revelations 3.20 Here I (Jesus) am! I stand at the door & knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in & eat with that person, & they with me.

  2. Tommy Robinson and friends will be bringing Hatun flowers and chocolates to Speakers Corner this Sunday Nov 1 to show their appreciation. A large turnout is expected for you and your team.

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