Live With Father Zakaria Botros لقاء مع أبونا زكريا بطرس

Hatun and Father Zakaria Botros discuss his ministry as a Copic priest in Egypt.

  1. Advice on how to evangelise Muslims and the risks of doing so
  2. His motivation to continue preaching to Muslims despite huge risks
  3. Main reasons why Muslims are leaving Islam and becoming Christians
  4. What happens to those who leave Islam for Christ in Arab Countries
  5. How to disciple ex-Muslims
  6. Answer to Muslim Missionaries who claim Islam came to Egypt peacefully and people converted peacefully, with peace between Muslims and Christians
  7. How do ex-Muslim converts first react to Christian worship in Church
  8. How do we encourage the church to evangelise Muslims?
  9. Points of Prayer for Father Zakaria Botros’s ministry and for Ex-Muslims in Christ

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3 thoughts on “Live With Father Zakaria Botros لقاء مع أبونا زكريا بطرس

  1. The world needs to wake up to the hate and evil of islam – it is not a religion of peace it is a CULT of hate and misogyny

  2. As Islam slowly grows in my country it has become a necessity to educate myself on how to present or witness to muslims. Can you please help me with guidelines on how I can evangelize to muslims?

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