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  1. For the sake of neutrality to consider Muhammad for breaking the 1st Commandment ( No other God before me) , 2nd (not to make idols /images) and 3rd ( Not to speak Lord’s name in vain ) could be ‘arguable’ since muslims like to claim JHVH is another name of Allah, the black stone is not to be worshiped , and calling JHVH as Allah is not disrespecting. While in case of 4th commandment since Sabbath is started at Friday evening ( 6 pm) according to Judaism then muslim could argue that Friday somehow still covers the ‘Sabbath period’.

    I solemnly suggest not to use the 5th commandment ( honor your father and mother ) and 6th (Don’t murder) because it will usually backfire on us when muslims use Luke 14:26 ( Hate your father&mother verse) as defense of 5th commandment and arguing all the killings in OT to counter the 6th commandment.

    Using the 7th (Don’t commit adultery) is a bit more sophisticated in my opinion that’s why i also encourage not to use it in argument , because for an old geezer marrying a minor is not adultery in Islam and there’s no specific ruling about that in OT nor NT . Marrying the adopted son’s wife is also ‘arguable’ to define it as adultery in my opinion , since muslims like to hide themselves behind the word ‘adopted’ meaning there’s nothing wrong since the son has no bloodline w/ the father . In the matter of legalized rape in Islam however some verses in OT could also be interpreted as ‘legalized rape’ . When in case we wanna use NT’s principle of ‘seeing lustfully equals adultery’ then the argument mostly would become ‘subjective’ since Muslims as well as most modern hedonistic atheists / agnostics fully believe it is COMPLETELY NORMAL to look lustfully on woman in fact these days it would be considered ABNORMAL if we couldn’t look lustfully upon a woman .

    I also don’t suggest for using the 8th ( Don’t Steal) since Joshua’s expedition in occupying the Canaanite’s land could also be interpreted as ‘stealing’ a land.

    From all the Ten , the 9th and 10th are the most appropriate ones that in my opinion can be used as solid argument.

    Muhammad’s is absolutely break the 9th commandment based on his own mouth teaches his followers TO LIE WITHIN THE SCOPE OF 3 EXCEPTIONS , LYING to reconcile the confronting parties, LYING to win war , LYING toward your spouses .

    Imam Ahmad (26731) narrated that Umm Kalthoom bint ‘Uqbah said: I never heard the Messenger of Allah grant a concession allowing any kind of lying except in three cases: a man who says something intending thereby to bring about reconciliation; a man who says something at the time of war; and a man talking to his wife or a woman talking to her husband.
    Classed as SAHEEH by al-Albaani in as-Saheehah, 545

    Asma bint Yazid narrated that the Messenger of Allah said:
    “it is not lawful to lie EXCEPT IN THREE CASES: Something the man tells his wife to please her, to lie during war, and to lie in order to bring peace between the people.” Grade: Sahih (Darussalam) , Reference : Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1939 In-book reference: Book 27, Hadith 45 ,English translation : Vol. 4, Book 1, Hadith 1939

    Short explanation of the hadiths , Lying in war could mean actual war or ‘cultural’ war , FYI since most muslims ‘secretly’ believe that if the Sharia has not ruled then whole world presently should be considered as ‘in war’ with muslims , based on that fact even non-physical confrontation such as Christian-Muslims debate should also be regarded as ‘war’ but as the ‘cultural one’, meaning if under pressure and seems to loose the debate usually a muslim will lie literally to their teeth at your face with absolutely no guilty feeling at all when they defend Islam. In the matter of Lying to the spouses, although many muslim would like to brush this off saying it’s harmless white lies that spouses usually speak when ‘romantically complementing each other however FYI in reality this is the very ruling that muslims men often use when they wanna practice POLYGAMY , since logically speaking it would be quite INEFFECTIVE to practice polygamy when the married man honestly talk about it with their wives, REMEMBER before the 2nd marriage, the husband certainly should FIND the potential 2nd wife first and even before that the husband should SEEK the potential wife first !because 2nd wife, 3rd and so forth are not falling from trees !!!

    It would be so twisted if a wife still gives approval when as she wakes up in the morning suddenly hears her husband saying ,” I wanna have a 2nd wife but right now i don’t have any candidate, so starting from now on i’ll begin my ‘SEEKING process” . That’s why frequently of those who practice polygamy in Islam , most of them conduct the PROCESS OF SEEKING the 2nd WIFE BEHIND THE 1st WIFE’S BACK ak.a Cheating /Lying ! and usually not until just a very short time before the 2nd wedding happen or in other words the first wife usually is caught on surprise and being given a very short notice about her husband relationship just before the 2nd WEDDING happen with a very high chance if in any case the first wife gave objection then he would divorce the first wife.

    Now concerning Reconciling parties who are in dispute using LIES is another way to teach that being insincere and deceitful is OK as long as muslims has some ‘higher cause’.

    LYING is a detestable abomination act before the living Holy and True God of Israel because God is Faithful God ( El-Emunah) and Truthful God ( El-Emet ) . This is very fundamental since morally and logically speaking even from the perspective of normal human being in general regardless of what religion one’s holds to, no deity nor mortal should we put our FAITH unto when they are proven NOT TO BE TRUSTFUL in their words and deeds . Allah and Muhammad is basically teach their followers TO LIE , moreover Muhammad himself is proudly known to be a covenant breaker ( Surah al-Maidah 89) , just compare on how Joshua who were being TRICKED to make peace treaty with the pagan Gibeonites and how Joshua DARED NOT to touch the Gibeonites even after he had been fully aware that the Gibeonites tricked him since Joshua fears the Holy God of Israel who honors covenant even till the time of David , REMEMBER how when King Saul massacred the Gibeonite but since the matter had not been fully resolved , God JHVH had to smite the Israelite with epidemic disease in time of David’s reign in honoring the Gibeonite’s covenant and then where finally the matter was resolved by the execution of several members of King Saul’s family.

    Finally the 10th ; Do Not Covet ,especially toward your neighbor’s wife , i think it’s undeniable that Muhammad certainly had coveted over Zayd’s wife , more than that the lust and covetousness of Muhammad was so obvious that because of fearing for his life Zayd had to ‘give’ his wife to Muhammad . I think it should be emphasized for any apologists that the subject here must be COVETOUSNESS of Muhammad and NOT about the decency of whether marrying one’s adopted son’s wife is acceptable or not . Because if we focus on COVETOUSNESS of Muhammad i perceive it hard for muslims to debunk that fact however when we are driven to focus and debate the marrying of adopted son’s wife theme then the scope would be highly debatable since as i’ve mentioned before muslims like to justify Muhammad’s filthy action by hiding behind the term ADOPTED, for them there’s nothing wrong as long as the son has no direct blood relation to the father.

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