2 thoughts on “Did Muhammad exist? With Jay Smith

  1. Now Jay Smith makes a tongue n cheek statement asking “Did Prophet Muhammad pbuh EXIST?”

    This shows he has hit rock bottom of hypocrisy. He has made comments to Muslims about accepting Jesus’ pbuh crucifixion as factual due to as he said A HISTORIC EVENT that has been witnessed by mankind and recorded and spoken about throughout time.

    Well Prophet Muhammad pbuh was HISTORICALLY RECORDED by mankind as a LIVING PERSON WHO EXISTED N THE 6TH and 7TH CENTURY.

    He has been noted as being trustworthy, kind, respectful, and loving to men, women and children regardless of their religion and culture. If they were not enemies to him and his people he was not forbidden to be friendly to them.

    He has been honored and praised by scholars, politicians, philosophers, and just many among mankind n general. Many of which who were Non-Muslim just showing how love and respect for him comes from the majority of people who don’t/didn’t accept him as their leader and God’s final messenger to all mankind.

    So Jay Smith’s bogus statement about Prophet Muhammad pbuh not existing can clearly be refuted by Muslims Jews Atheists and all other religions even Trinitarian Christianity.

    Jay Smith is a liar

  2. SO the truth is coming out, just like the early muslims prayed towards Petra not mecca now more lies of islam are being exposed

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