Adnan Rashid Caught Lying Again – Does Isa Use The Word ‘Bishara’ (Good News)?

Daughter of Christ demonstrates how Adnan Rashid lies about Isa in the Quran by claiming that he uses the word ‘Bishara’ (noun) as a word for the Gospel. Rashid is desperately trying to prove that Muhammad knew that Injeel meant ‘good news’.

Isa never uses the word ‘Bishara’ in the Quran to refer to a book or a message given to him by Allah. This is a lie.

Isa does not use the (noun) ‘Bishara’, but uses the verb ‘Mubashiran’ (present continuous) – ‘giving the good news of a messenger after me called Ahmad’ (Surah 61:6). And if Muhammad knew what ‘Injeel’ meant in Arabic, why did he keep using the Greek word, and not the Arabic word, in his Arabic Quran?

Furthermore, knowing that Jesus was given ‘good news’ does not prove prophethood, since Christianity had already existed for 600 years at the time.

That knowledge was not a secret. We give a few examples of when the Quran uses the verb for ‘good news’ in different forms. None of those mean ‘gospel’ when read in context. Isa was not talking about ‘The Gospel’ when he gave good news of another messenger coming after him (61:6).

Muslim missionaries should stop lying. They cannot prove Muhammad’s prophethood, no matter how desperately they try.

Source video is a debate between Christian apologist Samuel Green and Muslim apologist Adnan Rashid:

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